Position: Physical Education Teacher (Guru Olah Raga)

– Bachelor’s degree in physical education or relevant field.
– Prior teaching experience or participation in sports activities preferred.
– Excellent communication skills and ability to motivate students.
– Commitment to improving student health and well-being through physical education.
– Willingness to collaborate with school staff and community for sports program development.

– Teach physical education classes according to the established curriculum.
– ⁠can collaborate and dicipline
– Organize extracurricular sports activities and inter-school tournaments.
– Coach students in the development of sports skills and fitness.
– Assess student progress and provide constructive feedback.
– Perform administrative duties related to the physical education position.


Position: Civics Education Teacher (Guru PKn)

– Bachelor’s degree in education or related field.
– Experience teaching Civics Education at the secondary school level.
– Excellent communication skills and willingness to collaborate with staff and students.
– Strong understanding of democratic values, human rights, and citizenship.
– Ability to design and implement engaging and relevant lesson plans.

– Teach Civics Education subjects according to the prescribed curriculum.
– ⁠can collaborate and dicipline
– Encourage active student participation in learning and application of citizenship values.
– Develop lesson materials tailored to students’ needs and current developments in citizenship education.
– Assess student performance regularly and provide constructive feedback.
– Engage in extracurricular activities and projects related to citizenship development.


How to Apply:
Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, CV, and supporting documents to SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Banjarmasin Jl. Mangga III No. 48 RT. 13 Banjarmasin. The deadline for applications is May 31st, 2024

We invite passionate and committed individuals to join our team in shaping a generation that is conscious of citizenship and responsible.


Dr. Mungin S.Pd MA
The principal of SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Banjarmasin

Contact person: 0821-5008-5767